Bio Pub

The Bio Pub is a project based on the bonification 

of the Montedison area between 

Falconara Marittima and Marina 

di Montemarciano, in Marche Italy.


The Montedison area is called beach of poisons because it is a polluted area and it was a factory 

of chemicals fertilizers that is extended for ten hectares 

and it was abandoned since 1985.


The aim of the project is to give again life to this area, 

across a path and a bio pub that turn around 

the main buildings that until now stand.


The main buildings represent the past so in this project, 

they are conserved in transparent boxes, 

because remind the past is important 

and we don’t need to forget but grow from that point.


Looking at the future but always with an eye in the past.

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